System Instruction

Digital workshop management system is an information software platform  based on equipment network communication and data collection,for production site of manufacturing enterprises,and aiming at the implementation management of enterprise manufacturing process.It can realize the seamless connection between the upper level information system and the underlying production site equipment,help enterprises to promote the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization.

The system can help you to achieve real-time monitoring of the manufacturing site, collect real-time data directly from equipment and field operator,also minimize the inaccurate manual collection and manual input.The real-time,automatic production data collection and equipment monitoring will ensure normal operation of your business,make you proactively predict problems and solve them before they occur,to help you make the right decision.

The enterprise hopes to deliver the customer’s product at the right cost in the shortest possible time.Our system is able to improve quality,reduce cost and deliver on time,it uses the limited resources to produce more revenue, detect and eliminate downtime to manufacture more products.Therefore,it will help you to increase productivity and profitability,enhance the flexible manufacturing capacity,create a digital production workshop for you and improve the core competence.

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